Joining the BIP Program

By becoming a PEER BIP member, you will have opportunities to influence and participate in our research programs, interact with PEER faculty and students, and gain early access to our findings. We have a tiered membership program to fit every firm’s interests and budget: (a) a standard membership; and (b) an enhanced membership where you will have the opportunity to be a member of PEER’s Industry Advisory Board.

Member benefits for both levels are listed below. If you are interested in becoming a BIP member, please email

Member (and above) - $1,500 per year

  • Regular BIP member “brown bag” webinars. These will be broadcast live to employees of BIP firms. Presentations will be recorded and available for your staff for viewing or review at a later time.
  • Access to PEER publications, including research reports as they are published.
  • Link to your firm’s website from the PEER website.
  • Invitations to workshops, short courses, technology transfer meetings, technical webinars, and training sessions for products developed by PEER, including acknowledgement of participation in the BIP program.
  • Invitation to participate in BIP only activities at PEER Annual Meetings.

Industry Advisory Board Member - $5,000 per year

  • Opportunity to be invited to join PEER’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB). IAB meetings will be held to discuss current projects, help plan new projects, and provide feedback on PEER’s research programs and priorities. For example, one meeting helped identify specifics of the tools to be included in the new update of the PEER Ground Motion Database. Such IAB meetings provide an opportunity to give feedback on tools that will be of daily benefit to your firm's practice.
  • Opportunities for your staff to participate in PEER research projects as members of the research team or as valued project advisors. Additionally, IAB members will be invited to attend research coordination meetings as desired.
  • Opportunity to host one of the BIP “brown bag” webinars from your office, which will give your staff the chance to ask a PEER faculty member questions in person at your office.
  • Reasonable access to PEER’s experts to ask questions about the use and details of PEER’s research products including the OpenSees software platform, PEER Ground Motion Database, etc.
  • The opportunity to have access to undergraduate and graduate PEER students at PEER core and affiliated institutions.
  • The opportunity to propose and sponsor research projects.

If you are interested in becoming a BIP member, please email