Modify PBEE

Users can modify Unit Costs and Production Rates (mean and standard deviation) by updating a file named PBEE.DLL which is located at the installation folder (C:\Program Files\BridgePBEE or C:\Program Files(x86)\BridgePBEE on a 64bit PC). Please follow the steps below to build an updated PBEE.DLL file that will then replace the original within the above installation folder. Note that the software package Microsoft Visual Studio will be needed to execute this task.

Step 1: Download PBEE.ZIP

Please click the link below to download a source code project file for Visual Studio. We’ll use this project file to build the PBEE.DLL file.

Step 2: Open PBEE.SLN File

Unzip to a certain location and then use Visual Stdio (2005 version preferred) to open a Visual Stdio Solution file named PBEE.SLN.

Open a file named PBEE.CPP and make the appropriate changes. Click the link below to view the sample version of file PBEE.CPP.


Step 3: Build PBEE.DLL File

Under Visual Studio 2005, click menu Build and then Build Solution to build an updated PBEE.DLL file.

Step 4: Replace PBEE.DLL File

Make sure that BridgeBEEE is not running and then copy the new PBEE.DLL file to the installation folder and overwrite the old one.

Step 5: Run BridgePBEE

Start BridgePBEE, the program is now running with the updated PBEE quantities.