Quality Control and Assurance

Quality control and assurance must be carried out throughout the design, construction, and maintenence of the structure. Especially during construction, QA/QC is vital to the achievement of the performance goals the structure was designed to meet.

  • Engineering Peer Review
    - see below for list of projects where this is recommended
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
    - problem for many types of structures (corrosion, defeat of base isolation systems, etc.)


Engineering Peer Review

An engineering peer review is recommended for projects with the following attributes:

  • Safety Critical and Essential/Hazardous performance objectives.
  • Advanced or unusual technologies
  • Rehabilitation projects involving untested details
  • Complex or important structures

A peer review should include all stages of design:
- establishment of project goals and procedures
- schematic design phase
- design development phase
- construction document phase

Construction Quality Control

Construction QA/QC is critical to the achievement of performance goals. To begin with, thec ontractor should have an in-house quality control program. Likewise, the owner should have independent quality assurance program which provides for on-site and shop inspection.

Structures with Safety critical or Essential/Hazardous performance objectives should have full time, continuous, on site inspection by qualified inspectors. In addition, the design engineer should visit the site often. In the case of other structures, critical construction stages (welding, installation of base isolation devices, etc.) should also have full time inspection. Full time inspection is a good idea, in general, for all structures. However, local building departments are not set up to provide this level of inspection.