Observations following the M7.6 Padang Earthquake of September 2009

Professor Jason Ingham from University of Auckland, New Zealand will give a talk on his observations following the September 2009 M7.6 Padang Earthquake on Tuesday, February 8, 11-noon, 544 Davis Hall. This will be an EERI UC Berkeley Student Chapter seminar.

Associate Professor Jason Ingham
Date: Monday, December 8
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Room: 544 Davis Hall, University of California Berkeley


The 2009 Padang earthquake occurred just off the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. The major shock hit at 17:16:10 local time on September 30, 2009 and registered a moment magnitude (MW) of 7.6. The earthquake was distinctive because of the resulting large scale damage to buildings, but the proportionally small number of fatalities. Many engineered building completely collapsed during the earthquake, including several important hospital buildings.

A number of aid agencies were active in Padang following the earthquake, with the presenter seconded to an exercise being jointly undertaken by the Indonesian and Australian Governments. The primary task performed was to survey building damage to schools and medical facilities in the earthquake-effected area, to enable fragility curves to be developed that will provide a more comprehensive assessment of earthquake vulnerability to be determined throughout Sumatra and wider Indonesia.

The presentation will detail the fault details in the Padang region, an overview of activities undertaken by a variety of aid agencies, and damage to schools, hospitals and other major structures due to ground settlement and excitation during the earthquake. The presentation will conclude with a review of the major findings from the earthquake, plus some personal reflections on visiting a major earthquake affected zone for the first time.

Queries to Associate Prof. Jason Ingham on ext. 87803 or email j.ingham@auckland.ac.nz