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The working group chairs and JTCC are discussing some changes to the program. The nature of the breakout sessions is not yet determined. On Friday, all meeting attendees will see a test of a full-scale, four story, RC Japanese hospital that is fully furnished and supported on seismic isolators.

Proceedings of past meetings

These documents clearly show the tremendous scope and creativity of work being done as part of the NEES/E-Defense Program.

The published version of the September 2009 Phase 2 planning meeting proceedings can be seen at: The summary reports from the breakout sessions (in Appendix VII) will provide a starting point for the 8th planning meeting.

The published version of the January 2009 Phase 2 planning meeting proceedings can be seen at:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Time Event Location
10:00 Gather at Crowne Plaza Hotel Lobby and Ride on Limousine Crowne Plaza Hotel
10:45 Arrive at Hyogo Prefectural Training Center
Hyogo Prefectural Training Center
11:00-11:20 Opening Session
Chair: Stephen Mahin (UC Berkeley) & Masayoshi Nakashima (NIED)
Welcoming Remarks
Yoshinori Suzuki (MEXT)
Joy Pauschke (NSF)
Jack Hayes (NEHRP)
Yoshimitsu Okada (NIED)
Julio Ramirez (Purdue University)
11:20-12:10 Plenary Session 1
Overview R/D Plan in US (20 minutes)
Joy Pauschke (NSF)
Introduction of NEEScomm (20 minutes)
Julio Ramirez (NEEScomm)
Summary of Seventh NEES/E-Defense Planning Meeting (10 minutes)
Masayoshi Nakashima (NIED)
Outline of NIED Research Project (10 minutes)
Taizo Matsumori (NIED)
High Performance R/C Structures (30 minutes)
Takuya Nagae (NIED)
Base-isolation & Vibration control (10 minutes)
Eiji Sato (NIED), Taichiro Okazaki (NIED)
13:00-13:50 Lunch Cafeteria
13:50-15:00 Plenary Session
Geotechnical Engineering (20 minutes)
Kentaro Tabata (NIED)
Energy Facilities (10 minutes)
Izumi Nakamura (NIED)
Numerical Simulation (30 minutes)
Takuzo Yamashita (NIED)
Monitoring, Data Archival System (5 minutes)
Kentaro Tabata (NIED), Hisanobu Sakai (NIED)
Breakout Session Procedure (5 minutes)
Taizo Matsumori (NIED)
15:00-16:20 Breakout Sessions #1
(a) Numerical simulation
(b) Monitoring
(a) Auditorium
(b) undecided
16:20 Leave Hyogo Prefectural Training Center by Limousine  
16:25 Arrive at E-Defense E-Defense
16:30-16:50 Plenary Session
Outline of Test on Isolated R/C Hospital Building
Eiji Sato (NIED), Takahito Inoue (NIED)
Entrance lobby
17:00 Test Observation Experiment building
17:30 Leave E-Defense for Crowne Plaza Hotel (by limousine)  
18:10 Arrive at Crowne Plaza Hotel Crowne Plaza Hotel
19:00-21:00 Banquet Crowne Plaza Hotel

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Event Location
9:00 Leave Crowne Plaza Hotel by Limousine Crowne Plaza Hotel
9:45 Arrive at E-Defense E-Defense

Breakout Sessions #2
(a) High performance R/C
(b) Base isolation & vibration control,
(c) Geotechnical engineering
(d) Energy facilities
Conclusions of breakout sessions and preparation of summaries
(a) Meeting room 3
(b) Meeting room 2
(c) Meeting room 1
(d) Reception room
14:45-15:00 Afternoon Break  
15:00-16:00 Closing Session Meeting room 3&2
16:00 Leave E-Defense by Limousine  
16:40 Arrive at Shin-Kobe Station Shin-Kobe Station
16:45 Arrive at Crowne Plaza Hotel Crowne Plaza Hotel