Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Communities from Earthquakes - Palo Alto, California

The John A. Blume Distinguished Lecture Series & The Shah Family Fund Lecture Series

Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable Communities from Earthquakes

May 10, 2010, 4:30 pm
Annenberg Auditorium, Stanford University

The recent tragedy in Haiti is a poignant reminder of the threat that earthquakes pose to the world's most vulnerable communities. While advancements in scientific knowledge and engineering design have dramatically improved earthquake safety in the United States, worldwide, the risk of deaths and disruption from earthquakes continues to grow. Since 1990, over three-quarters of a million people have died in earthquakes, and tens of millions have been displaced most in developing countries. The challenges faced in developing countries and strategies to reduce risks due to earthquakes and other hazards will be explored through a panel discussion among three experts, each of whom brings their unique perspectives to the issues. The panelists include Brian Tucker, Arrietta Chakos and Reginald DesRoches. The event will moderated by Professor Greg Deierlein. For more information about the speakers, visit