RAPID Research Start-Up Round Table for Japan and New Zealand Earthquakes

In an effort to kick start the various RAPID projects on the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes, as well as to encourage interaction amongst the awardees, the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center is hosting a “RAPID Research Start-Up Round Table” on behalf of NSF. Based on the availability from our web-based interest form, this meeting has been scheduled for the most popular date: Monday July 25 from 2pm – 6pm (Pacific Time). Note that this meeting will occur on the morning of Tuesday July 26 in New Zealand (at 9 AM) and Japan (at 6 AM) due to the time difference.

Through interaction at this Round Table Meeting it is hoped that the various awardees will identify areas of common interest, discuss mechanisms to easily share data and resources, coordinate travel schedules and field investigations to maximize their limited resources, and discuss subsequent research activities. RAPID Projects on the agenda will have time for a 7 minute presentation about their project, and 3 minutes for discussion.

Download the DRAFT AGENDA (PDF File, 65 KB)

For more information, contact Heidi Faison at hfaison@berkeley.edu