PEER & SEAOSC Seminar: Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering and its applications to Tall Building Design

PEER and SEAOSC teamed together to organize a seminar that discussed performance-based earthquake engineering as it relates to the “Guidelines for Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings” that were recently released by PEER.

Date: Saturday September 10, 2011
Time: 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (registration starts at 7:30 a.m.)
Location: The Grand Event Center, 4101 E. Willow St., Long Beach, CA 90815


  • – Tall Buildings Initiative (TBI) and TBI Design Guidelines, by Jack Moehle
          Download Slides (pdf file – 2.1 MB)
  • – Performance Objectives, Design Criteria, & Conceptual Design, by Andy Fry
          Download Slides (pdf file – 2.1 MB)
  • – Input Ground Motions in TBI Guidelines and Case Studies, by Yousef Bozorgnia
          Download Slides (pdf file – 5.2 MB)
  • – Service Level and MCE Analysis, presented by John Wallace
          Download Slides (pdf file – 4.2 MB)
  • – Design & Iteration Process for Case Studies: Core Wall & Dual System Buildings, by Andy Fry
          Download Slides (pdf file – 6.3 MB)
  • – Analysis of Case Study Buildings, by Farzin Zareian
          Download Slides (pdf file – 2.1MB)
  • – Performance Analysis (Loss Estimation), presented by Jack Moehle
          Download Slides (pdf file – 1.0 MB)
  • – Wrap-up and Question & Answer Session Jack Moehle
          Download Slides (pdf file – 1.0 MB)

Visit the SEAOSC event website for more information about registration.

To view videos of similar presentations made at a SEAONC Seminar in April 2011, visit PEER’s YouTube Channel.

For more information about PEER’s Tall Building Initiative and to download a free copy of the Guidelines for Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings, visit the TBI Website.