US-based meeting registrants must register at two locations. First, you must complete the form at the bottom of this site, to register your interest in attending the 9th NEES/E-Defense Planning Meeting as a US participant. This is being used to coordinate travel funding and other details for the US organizers. Second, you must register at the E-Defense Registration website being coordinated by the Japanese organizers. This is being used to organize the event logistics including transportation, order meals, and hand out materials, thus it is mandatory for ALL participants.

E-Defense Registration Website

For the E-Defense staff to organize transportation, order meals, and make copies of hand out materials, it is mandatory for ALL participants to register on the E-Defense Registration site:

To start the process click the ID Registration button in the Upper left hand corner to get a login ID. Please take a moment to sign up for the followings on your own:

  • Registering to attend the meetings with lunch
  • Indicating whether you would like to take the limousine transportation being organized by the Japanese
  • Selecting vegetarian food or not
  • Registering to attend Banquet
  • Paying for Banquet if attending (10,000 Yen)

The site also allows you to register for the hotel.

The deadline is 18-Aug-2010 23:59:00, Japan Standard Time (GMT +9:00).

Registration Form for US Organizers

Note: If the form above is not displaying properly, please try this direct link to it.