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Thursday, January 25, 2001

Welcome/PEER Overview (1,006 Kbytes)
Jack Moehle, UC Berkeley

Seismic Performance Assessment Analysis and Its Uses (261 Kbytes)
C. Allin Cornell, Stanford University

Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Needs (157 Kbytes)
William Holmes, Rutherford & Chekene

Socio-Economic Decision Making (102 Kbytes)
Peter May, University of Washington

Ground Motion Evaluation Procedures (518 Kbytes)
Jon Stewart, UCLA

Seismic Hazard Simulation and Prediction (2,075 Kbytes)
Paul Somerville, URS Corporation

Seismic Demands and their Dependence on Ground Motions (2,159 Kbytes)
Helmut Krawinkler, Stanford University

Ground Deformation and Lateral Spreading (5,257 Kbytes)
Steven Kramer, University of Washington

Building Component Characterization (1,527 Kbytes)
Dawn Lehman, University of Washington

Bridge Component Characterization (1,959 Kbytes)
Stephen Mahin, UC Berkeley

Electrical and Gas System Component Characterization (648 Kbytes)
André Filiatrault, UC San Diego

Economic Evaluation of Earthquake Performance Standards (106 Kbytes)
Richard Zerbe, University of Washington

Regional Economic Evaluation of PBEE (155 Kbytes)
Peter Gordon, University of Southern California

Building Loss Assessment Methodology (88 Kbytes)
Mary Comerio, UC Berkeley

Highway Risk Model (3,425 Kbytes)
James Moore II, University of Southern California

Friday, January 26, 2001

OpenSees Framework for Seismic Simulation (1,336 Kbytes)
Gregory Fenves, UC Berkeley

Soil Simulation Models (1,169 Kbytes)
Ahmed Elgamal, UC San Diego

Structural Simulation Models (2,059 Kbytes)
Filip Filippou, UC Berkeley

PBEE Needs - Seismic Hazard Perspective (87 Kbytes)
Norman Abrahamson, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

PBEE Needs - Buildings Perspective (696 Kbytes)
Craig Comartin, Comartin-Reis

PBEE Needs - Bridges Perspective (573 Kbytes)
Fadel Alameddine, California Dept. of Transportation

PBEE Needs - Utility Lifelines Perspective (130 Kbytes)
William Savage, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Closure and Discussion (334 Kbytes)
Greg Deierlein, Stanford University