2001 Annual Meeting Comment Form


Please help us plan for next year's Annual Meeting by filling out the questionnaire below. We need your input to help us plan the specifics of the 2002 Annual Meeting.

1.  Meeting Days: This year's meeting was held on a Thursday & Friday, and PEER committee meetings were held on Saturday. For next year's meeting, what days would you prefer to have the meeting? (Check one please).
Thursday & Friday (with committee meetings on Saturday)
Friday & Saturday (with committee meetings on Sunday)
Saturday & Sunday (with committee meetings on Monday)
Other suggestions

2. Meeting Program: What did you like/dislike about this year's program? What changes would you like to see to the program/agenda for next year's meeting?

3. Venue: Do you prefer to meet in a location with a major airport that is closer to a PEER university (e.g., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego), or somewhere that may be more interesting but not near a PEER university and which may require more traveling time (e.g., Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Napa/Sonoma, Las Vegas)?
I prefer a venue/city that is near a PEER university and that has a major airport.
I prefer a venue/city that is in an interesting location but that may be more difficult to travel to and is not near a PEER university.
Suggestions for future Annual Meeting venues/cities?

4. Meeting Materials: Do you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve the meeting materials for next year's meeting? What did you like or dislike about the meeting materials at this year's meeting?

5. Technical Comments: Do you have any comments of a technical nature regarding the Annual Meeting(s)?

6. Other comments?

7. I am a.....(please select one)
PEER researcher
PEER student
PEER Business and Industry Partner

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