Annual Meeting--Day 2 Presentations
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NOTE: Some of these presentations have extremely large filesizes [>10MB]

Session #1–Progress in PBEE Methodology

Gregory Deierlein, Stanford University
Overview of the PBEE Methodology (4,453KB)

Helmut Krawinkler, Stanford University
Seismic Demand Analysis (1,397KB)

Eduardo Miranda, Stanford University
Relating Structural Response to Damage and Losses (1,339KB)

Gregory Fenves, UC Berkeley
Structural Seismic Simulation–Advances in OpenSees (784KB)

Ahmed Elgamal, UC San Diego
Geotechnical Seismic Simulation (9,312KB)

Peter May, University of Washington
Thinking Ahead: Issues for Adoption of PBEE (84KB)

Stephanie Chang, University of Washington
Lessons from Nisqually Earthquake for PBEE (318KB)


Session #2 (concurrent structural and geotechnical sessions)

Structural Emphasis

Allin Cornell, Stanford University
Practical Application of the PEER Methodology (974KB)

Jack Moehle, UC Berkeley
Shear, Axial Load, Drift Criteria for Shear-Critical Building Columns

John Stanton, University of Washington
Limit States for RC Beam-Column Connections (19,922KB)

Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii
Limit States for Slab-Column Connections (14,798KB)

Marc Eberhard, University of Washington
Limit States and Design Parameters for Flexurally Dominated Bridge Columns (8,479KB)

Steve Mahin, UC Berkeley
Seismic Performance Modeling for RC Bridges (4,841KB)

Geotechnical Emphasis

Doug Dreger, UC Berkeley
Ground Motions: Basin Modeling and Rapid Response (9,312KB)

Jonathan Stewart, UCLA
Site Categorization and Amplification Factors (762KB)

Ray Seed, UC Berkeley
Predictive Models for Liquefaction Hazard (24,884KB)

Nick Sitar and Elizabeth Hausler, UC Berkeley
Performance of Improved Ground (14,831KB)

Geoffrey Martin, USC
Performance of Shallow Foundations

Craig Comartin, Comartin-Reis and
Gyimah Kasali
, Rutherford and Chekene
Implications of UC Berkeley/PEER Pier Load Tests (17,888KB)