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Poster Guidelines

PEER researchers with Year 6 projects, or Year 5 projects with no-cost extensions, are expected to present a project poster at the 2003 PEER Annual Meeting. One poster and one project summary are expected for each funded project. Principal Investigators are responsible to ensure that the poster is presented by participating students.

The project posters will be featured in a dedicated poster session during PEER Student Day in the afternoon of the first day of the Annual Meeting. The poster session will continue informally during a planned reception following Student Day activities.

Poster formats are consistent with guidelines used at last year's annual meeting. Poster boards are white in color and measure 30” wide x 40” high. The first 8” across the top of the poster should include (1) the Project Title, (2) Thrust Area or Lifelines Topic Area that the project is associated with, (3) Principal Investigator(s), (4) Student Investigator(s), (5) Host Institution. The bottom 4” of the poster board is to remain available for an Annual Meeting ‘footer’ sticker that will be applied to the poster board, so your effective working area should be 30”X36”. The main body of the poster should include information about the project vision, scope/objectives, deliverables, and examples of results obtained to date. Effective use of graphic materials (charts, photographs and other figures) is encouraged.

Poster boards (with footers), tape, glue and scissors will be available on the the first morning of the annual meeting, beginning at 8 AM.