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Plenary (90 minutes) - Panel Discussion: 20/20 Vision: Looking Back 15 Years from Now
Moderators: May and Moehle

The audience and panel are asked to imagine themselves in the Year 2020, looking back to what it was like in 2005 when PBEE was still in incubation, as compared with now in 2020 when (a) codes are based on PBEE parameters, (b) practice widely uses PBEE, (c) retrofit and closure decisions for infrastructure are based on PBEE, (d) new technologies abound.

Panelists to comment on what it would take to pull off this longer-term vision, specifically:

  1. What is the biggest challenge to making this happen? (from the perspective of your area of research/activity)

  2. What one or two things should PEER be doing in the development of the methodology -- with respect to research, application, or whatever -- to move down this road?

  3. What can be done to advance incorporation of these advances into codes and guidelines, and to advance engineering practice, in an accelerated practice by PEER or by others?

  4. What does all of this imply for education of engineering professionals as part of graduate education and workshops/certificates?

  5. What do you see as the prospects for this vision? What do you see as the realistic scenario for the development and application of PBEE over the next 25 years?

This program is tentative and subject to change.

- updated 04.26.05

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