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PDF versions of the presentations at the 2011 PEER Annual Meeting may be downloaded below. Videos of Friday’s plenary sessions have also been posted on PEER’s YouTube Channel and are linked below.

Friday September 30, 2011

View Friday’s timeline and agenda

Friday Morning Plenary Session Presentations:
Welcome by PEER Director, Steve Mahin (PEER Center & UC Berkeley) – 6 MB, Watch Video
Implications of Eastern Japan Earthquake of March 2011, Akira Wada (Architectural Institute of Japan) – 52 MB, Video
Engineering Resilience, Mary Comerio (UC Berkeley) – 1 MB, Watch Video
The Coming Bay Area Earthquake, Janielle Maffei (California Earthquake Authority) – 4 MB, Watch Video
An Insurance Perspective on Recent Earthquakes, Craig Tillman (WeatherPredict Consulting Inc.) – 2 MB, Watch Video

Friday Afternoon Plenary Session Presentations:
Recent Progress in Seismic Hazard Analysis and Ground Motion Selection, Jack Baker (Stanford University) – 2 MB, Video
Computational Simulation, Frank McKenna (PEER Center & OpenSees) – 5 MB, Watch Video
High Performance Materials, Claudia Ostertag (UC Berkeley) – 7 MB, Watch Video
Geotechnical PBEE, Ross Boulanger (UC Davis) – 3 MB, Watch Video
Bridge PBEE and Resilience, Marc Eberhard (University of Washington) – 2 MB, Watch Video
PBEE and its applications to Tall Buidlings, Jack Moehle (UC Berkeley) – 3 MB, Watch Video

Friday Evening Student Poster Session and Reception:
View the participating Student Poster Presenters and Presentation Titles – 64KB

Saturday October 1, 2011

View Saturday’s timeline and agenda

Saturday Morning Breakout Session Presentations:

Tall Buildings Session
Jack Moehle, Session Chair
PEER Tall Building Seismic Design Guidelines Looking Back & Ahead, Ron Hamburger (Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.)
Rupture-to-Rafters Simulations, Swaminathan Krishnan (Caltech) – 20 MB
Earthquake Resistant and Resilient Tall Buildings Using Seismic Isolation and Rocking Core-Walls, Marios Panagiotou (UC       Berkeley) – 1 MB
Study on Seismic Performance and Passive Controlled Technology for Tall Buildings, Xilin Lu (Tongji University) – 6 MB

Dams and Risk Assessment Session
Ross Boulanger, Session Chair
Risk Assessment for Dams and Levees, Nate Snorteland (USACE) – 2 MB
Seismic Risk Analysis for Embankment Dams, David Gillette (USBR) – 1 MB
Delta Risk Management Strategy Seismic Fragility Analysis, Martin McCann (JRB & Associates) – 1 MB
– Risk Assessment from regulatory viewpoint, David Gutierrez (Department of Water Resources, Division of Safety of      Dams)
Dams and Risk Assessment Consultant Perspective, Lelio Mejia (URS) – 400 KB
Simplified PBEE Procedures for Estimating Seismic Slope Displacements, Jon Bray (UCB) – 1 MB
Experiences with PEER methodology, Steve Kramer (Univ Wash) – 200 KB

Tsunami Session
Greg Deierlein, Session Chair
Research needs and opportunities for Performance-Based Tsunami Engineering, Greg Deierlein (Stanford) – 1.5 MB
Tsunami General Issues, Harry Yeh (Oregon State University) – 1 MB
Coastal Effects and Modeling, Patrick Lynett (USC) – 11 MB
– Sensing and Measurement of Tsunami Flow, Alexandre Bayen (UC Berkeley)
Research Needs for Structural Design for Tsunamis, Ian Robertson (University of Hawaii at Manoa) – 4 MB
– Tsunami Early Warning and Evacuation, Vasily Titov (NOAA)
Tsunami Risk and Loss Modeling, Keith Porter (Univ of Colorado at Boulder) – 2 MB
Tsunami Hazards in California for Critical Structures, Norm Abrahamson (PG&E) – 300 KB

Nuclear Session
Yousef Bozorgnia, Session Chair
Seismic regulations for NPPs in the US: Past, Present, and Future, Annie Kammerer (US Nuclear Regulatory Comm.) 1 MB
An overview of what happened at Fukushima NPPs, Per Peterson (UC Berkeley) – 1 MB
Key Seismic Issues for NPPs Consultant Perspective, Farhang Ostadan (Bechtel) – 1 MB
Seismic Issues for California’s Nuclear Power Plants, Norm Abrahamson (PG&E) – 1.6 MB
Next Generation of NPPs in the United States, Per Peterson (UC Berkeley) – 1.5 MB

Fire & Lifelines Session
Charles Scawthorn, Session Chair
Introduction and Overview of Issues, Charles Scawthorn (PEER Center, UC Berkeley) – 34 MB
– San Bruno Gas Explosion – Lessons and Relevance, Kevin McWhirter (San Bruno Millbrae Fire Department)
Recent Advances in Post-Earthquake Fire Modeling: An Urban Fire Simulation Model, Sizheng Li (Univ of Delaware) – 7 MB
Realistic Performance Assessment of Water Supply Systems Under Extreme Events, Mohammed Javanbarg (PEER Center,       UC Berkeley) – 5 MB
San Francisco Auxiliary Water Supply System, David Myerson (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) – 28 MB
Berkeley Aboveground Water Supply System BAWSS, David Orth (Berkeley Fire Department) – 24 MB

Saturday Afternoon Breakout Session Presentations:

TSRP Structures Session
Mark Eberhard, Session Chair
Seismic Performance of Bridges with Foundations Designed to Uplift, Marios Panagiotou and Grigorios Antonellis (UC      Berkeley) – 1 MB
Advances on Dual Shell Self-Centering Bridge Column Technologies, Jose Restrepo and Gabriele Guerrini (UCSD) – 1 MB
Precast Substructure Systems for Bridges in Seismically Active Regions, John Stanton and Marc Eberhard (Univ of      Washington) – 2 MB
Performance Based Seismic Assessment of Skewed Bridges, Farzin Zareian (UCI) and Ertugrul Taciroglu (UCLA) – 2 MB
Traffic load capacity of a bridge damaged in an earthquake, Vesna Terzic (PEER Center, UC Berkeley) – 1 MB

TSRP Soils and Foundations Session
Steve Kramer, Session Chair
Introduction and Overview, Steve Kramer (Univ of Washington) – 40 KB
Simplified Methodologies for Assessment and Design of Piles Affected by Lateral Spreading, Pedro Arduino (Univ of      Washington) – 3 MB
Recent Earthquakes: Renewed Interest in Oregon’s Lifeline Infrastructure, Scott Ashford (OSU) – 1 MB
Evaluation of Bridges that Performed Well, Moderately, and Poorly in Lateral Spread, Scott Brandenberg (UCLA) – 1 MB
Last Hurdles for Implementation of Rocking Foundations for Bridges, Bruce Kutter (UCD) – 3 MB
– Translating simulated bridge-ground response in decision metrics, Kevin Mackie (University of Central Florida)

TSRP Simulations Session
Ahmed Elgamal, Session Chair
Computational Simulations, Frank McKenna (UC Berkeley) – 3 MB
– Needs and research challenges in numerical simulation for performance-based earthquake engineering, Gregory Deierlein      (Stanford)
Modifications of OpenSees to Further Enable Reliability/Sensitivity/Optimization Technologies, Michael Scott (OSU) – 1 MB
High fidelity building simulation and use of Open Science Grid, Andre Barbosa (UC San Diego)
Macro-Elements for Soil-Pile Interaction in Liquefied Soil, Scott Brandenberg (UCLA) – 1.5 MB
     Download Videos (avi format): Non-Liquefaction Case vs. Liquefaction Case
Geotechnical Applications using OpenSees, Pedro Arduino (Univ of Washington) – 3 MB

TSRP High Performance Materials and Sustainable Structural Design Session
Sarah Billington, Session Chair
Design and Usage of Micro-Reinforced Concrete (Ducon) for Seismic Jacketing and other Applications, Philipp Hofman      (Structural Technologies) – 5 MB
High Performance Concrete Structural Walls for Tall Buildings, Ying Zhou (Tongji University, China) – 10 MB
Impact Resistance of High Performance Materials, Fariborz Vossoughi (Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.) – 4 MB
– Performance & Modeling of Ductile Fiber-reinforced Composites for Seismic Design & Retrofits, Sarah Billington (Stanford)
Durable and Damage Resistant High Performance Fiber reinforced Bridge Structures, Claudia Ostertag (UC Berkeley) – 15      MB
Establishing Third-Party Certification for Sustainable Building Materials, Lindsey Maclise (Forell/Elsesser Engineers) – 5 MB
Principles of Design for Sustainability of Structures, Arpad Horvath (UC Berkeley) – 1 MB
Life Cycle Assessment of Concrete Structures in Multi-hazard Environments, Michael Lepech (Stanford University) – 3 MB

TSRP Systems Session
Joel Conte, Session Chair
Recent Developments in Methods for Nonlinear Optimization, Philip Gill (UC San Diego) – 280 KB
Probabilistic Performance-Based Optimum Seismic Design of Structures, Yong Li and Joel Conte (UC San Diego) – 7 MB
Characterizing spatial correlations in ground motion hazard analysis, and implications for PBEE Analysis of distributed      systems, Jack Baker (Stanford University) – 1.5 MB
California High-Speed Train Program – Two Level Seismic Performance Based Engineering Design, Thomas Jackson      (Parsons Brinckerhoff) – 1 MB
Bayesian network for infrastructure seismic risk assessment and decision support, Michelle Bensi (UC Berkeley) – 1 MB
UILLIS: Urban Infrastructure and Lifeline Interaction of Systems, Mohammand Javanbarg and Charles Scawthorn (PEER      Center) – 1 MB

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