Task 2: Compile and Critically Review GMPEs

In this task, recent sets of candidate GMPEs will be compiled and reviewed. The GMPEs will be representative of the global (worldwide) data sets for four tectonic categories of earthquakes:
(a) shallow crustal earthquakes in active tectonic regions,
(b) shallow crustal earthquakes in stable continental regions,
(c) subduction zone interface and intraslab (Wadati-Benioff) earthquakes.
(d) volcanic earthquakes

The PEER report 2011-102 (Ground-motion prediction equations 1964-2010) by John Douglas summarizes all published empirical ground-motion prediction equations (and lists those based on simulations etc.) for PGA and elastic response spectral ordinates; it has been produced under the GEM Global GMPEs Project framework.

Selecting and adjusting these global models to region-specific models are addressed in Task 3.