Earthquake Engineering Library

Individuals in the United States may borrow the following publications that comprise a selection of recent additions to the library.

500/N24/97-05. Workshop on Earthquake Engineering Frontiers in Transportation Facilities, proceedings. George C. Lee and Ian M. Friedland, eds. Buffalo, N.Y.: National Center for Earthquake Engineering. 1997. 526 p. (NCEER 97-0005)

500/N57/5944. Kaufmann, Eric J. [et al.] Failure analysis of welded steel moment frames damaged in the Northridge earthquake. Gaithersburg, Md.: Building and Fire Research Lab., National Inst. of Standards and Technology. 1997. 166 p. (NISTIR 5944)

500/N57/5984. Taylor, Andrew W. [et al.] A summary of cyclic lateral load tests on rectangular reinforced concrete columns. Gaithersburg, Md.: Building and Fire Research Lab., National Inst. of Standards and Technology. 1997. 97 p. (NISTIR 5984)

500/P87/97-13. Joh, Changbin; Chen, Wai-Fah. Fracture strength of welded flange-bolted web connection with backing bars. West Lafayette: School of Civil Engineering, Purdue Univ. 1997. 50 lvs. (Structural engineering CE-STR-97-13)

500/R82/97-6. Montag, Ulrich. Konzepte zur effizienzsteigerung numerischer Simulationsalgorithmen fur elastoplastische Deformationsprozesse. Bochum, Germany: Ruhr-Univ. Bochu, Inst. fur Konstruktiven Ingenieurbau. 1997. 138 p. (Technisch-wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen; Mitteilung 97-6)

500/S665/1997. Spencer, B.F.; Sain, M.K. Smart structures research at the Structural Dynamics and Control/Earthquake Engineering Laboratory. Notre Dame, Ind.: Univ. of Notre Dame, 1997. 1 v.

500/U576/97-2. Wehbe, Nadim I.; Saiid, Saiidi; Sanders, David H. Effects of confinement and flares on the seismic performance of reinforced concrete bridge columns. Reno, Nev.: Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research. 1997. 139 p. (CCEER-97-2)

517.55/P27/1996. Leon, Roberto T. Partially restrained composite connections: a design guide. Chicago, Ill.: American Inst. of Steel Construction.1991. 59 p.

517.5/S54/1997. Skjaerbaek, P.S. Response and damage assessment of reinforced concrete frames subject to earthquakes. Aalborg, Denmark: Dept. of Building Technology and Structural Engineering, Aalborg Univ. 1997. 258 p.

520/K872/1996. Kurama, Yahya. Seismic behavior, performance, and retrofit of non-ductile reinforced concrete frame structures. Bethlehem, Pa.: Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lehigh Univ. 1996. 71 lvs.

520/S38/1997. Severn, R.T. Structural response prediction using experimental data. Rotterdam; Brookfield: A.A. Balkema. 1997. 104 p.

520/S698/1996. White, D.W.; Chen, W.F. eds. Innovations in stability concepts and methods for seismic design in structural steel. US-Japan Seminar on Innovations in Stability Concepts and Methods for Seismic Design in Structural Steel (3rd: 1996 Honolulu, Hawaii) Oxford: Elsevier Science. 1998. (Engineering structures 20: 4–6)

550.1/S72/1997. Crewe, Adam, ed. Standardisation of shaking tables. Lisbo Laboratorio Nacional de Engenharia Civil. 1 v.

575/A74/1998. Arlekar, Jaswant N., and Murty, C.V.R. Ambient vibration survey of reinforced concrete frame buildings with unreinforced brick masonry infills. Kanpur, India: Dept. of Civil Engineering, Indian Inst. of Technology, Kanpur. 1998. 119 p.

600/E47/DS-3. Alexander Charles; Schubert, Peter. First Hawaiian Center. Oakland, Calif.: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, 1992. 43 p. (EERI Publication number;

600/P25/1998. Structural Engineers Ass'n. of Northern California. Passive energy dissipation: 1998 spring seminar, March 12amp#151;19, 1998. [San Francisco]: SEAONC. 1998. 1 v.

610/I571/1997A. International Conference of Building Officials. Analysis of revisions to the 1997 Uniform Building Codes. Whittier, Calif.: International Conference of Building Officials. 1998. 78 p.

610/I72/1997. Permanent Committee for Revising the Iranian Code of Practice for Seismic Resistant Design of Buildings. Iranian code of practice for seismic resistant design of buildings. 2nd rev. ed. Tehran, Iran: Building and Housing Research Center. 1997. 1 v. (BHRC publication 253)

610/P44/1992. Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines. National structural code of the Philippines. volume 1, buildings, towers and other vertical structures. 4th ed. Manila: ASEP. 1992. 1 v.

610/S73/97-04. Somerville, Paul [et al.] Development of ground motion time histories for phase 2 of the FEMA/SAC Steel Project. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1997. [41] p. (SAC/BD 97-04)

610/S73BD/96-01. Maison, B.F. [et al.] Selected results from the SAC Phase 1 beam-column connection pre-test analyses. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1996. 20 p. (SAC/BD-96/01)

610/S73BD/96-03. Selected documents from the U.S.-Japan Workshop on Steel Fracture Issues: a workshop held at the Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California at Berkeley, June 16–18, 1996. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1996. 1 v. (SAC/BD-96/03)

610/S73BD/96-04. Survey of computer programs for the analysis of steel moment frame structures: results of a survey undertaken in support of the system performance tasks of the Phase 2 Steel Project. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1996. 1 v. (SAC/BD-96/04)

610/S73BC/97-01. Barsom, John; Korvink, Sjaan. Through-thickness properties of structural steels. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1997. 33 p. (SAC/BD-97/01)

610/S73BD/97-03. Foutch, D.A. Wen, Y.K. Proposed statistical and reliability framework for comparing and evaluating predictive models for evaluation and design, and critical issues in developing such framework. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1997. 61 p. (SAC/BD-97/03)

610/S73BC/97-05. Deierlein, Gregory G.; Ingraffea, Anthony R. Finite element fracture mechanics investigation of welded beam-column connections. Sacramento, Calif.: SAC Joint Venture. 1997. 167 p. (SAC/BD-97/05)

610/S885/1997. Structural Engineers Association of Northern California. Fall Seminar. Changes in the 1997 Uniform Building Code: 1997 Fall Seminar, November 6 –13, 1997. San Francisco: The SEANC. 1997. 1 v.

620/C66/1998. The Council. Los Angeles Tall Buildings Structural Design Council, 1998 Annual Meeting: design dynamics of tall buildings. Los Angeles: The Council. [1998]. 1v.

620/H27/1997. Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction. International Workshop on Harmonization in Performance-Based Building Structural Design in Countries Surrounding Pacific Ocean, December 1, 1997. Japan: BRI. 1997. 1 v.

620/S447/1997. Fajfar, Peter; Krawinkler, Helmut; eds. Seismic design methodologies for the next generation of codes: proceedings of the International Workshop on Seismic Design Methodologies for the Next Generation of Codes, Bled, Slovenia. Rotterdam; Brookfield: A.A. Balkema. 1997. 411 p.

620/T26/1998. Taranath, Bungale S. Steel, concrete, and composite design of tall buildings. 2d ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1998. 998 p.

620.1/B78/1998. Uang, Chia-Ming; Whittaker, Andrew. Ductile design of steel structures. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1998.
485 p.

620.1/D96/1998. Simon, Warner [et al.] Dynamic load welds for repair of existing steel moment frame buildings damaged from earthquake. Los Angeles. [DLW Task Group et al.]. 1998. [66] lvs.

620.4/E27/1997. Foliente, Greg C. ed. Earthquake performance and safety of timber structures. Madison, Wis.: Forest Products Society. 1997. 146 p.

625/D63/1021-93. Natural phenomena hazards performance categorization guidelines for structures, systems, and components. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Energy. 1996. 39 p. (DOE-STD-1021-93)

625/D63/1024-92. Guidelines for use of probabilistic seismic hazard curves at Department of Energy sites. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Energy. 1996. 121 p. (DOE-STD-1024-92)

645/B52/1997. Bhatia, Hussain. Seismic design and retrofit of cylindrical liquid storage tanks. 1997. 116 lvs.

705.326/1989L/U75/1552-C. Celebi, Mehmet, ed. The Loma Prieta, California, earthquake of October 17, 1989–building structures. 186 p. (U.S. Geological Survey professional paper 1552-C)

705.62/1995K/K56. Kinki Regional Construction Bureau, Ministry of Construction. The great Hanshin earthquake: a guide to the restoration projects. Osaka: The Bureau. 1997. 18 p.

755/H67/1997. Hospital earthquake preparedness guidelines. Oakland, Calif.: Earthquake Program, California Emergency Management Agency. 1997. 188 p.

755.2/R52/1997. Association of Bay Area Governments. Riding out future quakes: pre-earthquake for post-earthquake transportation system recovery in the San Francisco Bay region. Oakland, Calif.: Ass'n. of Bay Area Governments. 1997. 198 p.

755/L672/1997. Spangle Assocs. with Robert Olson Assoc. The Recovery and Reconstruction Plan of the City of Los Angeles: evaluation of its use after the Northridge earthquake. Portola Valley, Calif.: Spangle Assocs. 1997. 2 v.

760/C232R/97-02. California Seismic Safety Comm'n. California Earthquake Loss Reduction Plan, 1997_2001. Sacramento, Calif.: The Commission. 1997. 49 p. (SSC 97-02)

760/F452/310. American Society of Civil Engineers. Seismic evaluation of buildings: a prestandard. [Washington, D.C.]: Federal Emergency Management Agency. 1998. 1 v.

760/W44/1997. Western States Seismic Policy Council Nineteenth Annual Conference, proceedings volume : a report for the Western States Seismic Policy Council Nineteenth Annual Conference, November 4–7, 1997, Victoria, British Columbia. San Francisco: The Council. 1997. 123 p.

775/047/1998. Olson, Robert A. [et al.] Critical decisions: evacuating hospitals after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, final report. Sacramento, Calif.: Robert Olson Assoc. 1998. 1 v.

CF11. Srivastava, N.K., ed. Structural Engineers World Congress, proceedings. New York: Elsevier. 1998. (computer laser optical disc)