Reports Series

The following reports are available.

PEER 98/08. Behavior and failure analysis of a multiple-frame highway bridge in the 1994 Northridge earthquake.G. L. Fenves and M. Ellery. December 1998. $20.00

PEER 98/07. Empirical evaluation of inertial soil-structure interaction effects. J. P. Stewart, R. B. Seed, and G. L. Fenves. November 1998. $26.00

PEER 98/05. Rocking response and overturning of equipment under horizontal pulse-type motions. N. Makris and Yiannis Roussos. October 1998. $15.00

PEER 98/04. Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Invitational Workshop Proceedings: Defining the Links Between Planning, Policy Analysis, Economics, and Earthquake Engineering, May 14–15, 1998. M. Comerio and P. Gordon. September 1998. $15.00

Note: The EERC Report Series was discontinued effective January 1999. The three reports listed here will close out the series.

UCB/EERC-97/18. Experimental studies of the ultimate behavior of seismically-isolated structures. P. W. Clark, I. D. Aiken, and J. M. Kelly. December 1997. $33.00

UCB/EERC-97/17. Experimental and analytical studies on the seismic behavior of lightweight concrete panels with friction energy dissipators. E. P. Popov and M. Sasani December 1997. $20.00

UCB/EERC-97/12. New design and analysis procedures for intermediate hinges in multiple-frame bridges. R. DesRoches and G. L. Fenves. December 1997. $26.00