PEER Student Leadership Council

The PEER Student Leadership Council (SLC) quarterly meeting was held in San Diego on April 20. The agenda included the final organization of Student Day, updates on the mentoring and outreach programs, and PEER educational committee updates. The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis was conducted for the NSF site visit in June. Meeting minutes are available on the Internet at the PEER SLC website.

The PEER Education Committee is sending the PEER summer interns to the EERI national meeting in St. Louis from May 31 ­ June 3. The committee also decided to sponsor six students on the SLC to also attend the conference to support the undergraduate interns in making use of this opportunity for career and personal growth. These SLC students have organized a Tri-lateral SLC meeting to try to foster communication and collaboration with the SLCs from the other two NSF earthquake engineering research centers.

We would like to announce the selection of Charley Hamilton (UCI) as our new SLC chair. Charley has been an integral part of the establishment and success of the SLC since its inception. He is taking over the responsibilities from Annie Kammerer (UCB) who has done an exceptional job at being the liaison between the SLC and PEER management. Anniešs organization and enthusiasm is the primary reason for the instant success of the PEER SLC. Fortunately, we can still rely on Anniešs insight and guidance in her role as PEER SLC Secretary.

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