PEER Student Leadership Council

On May 24, the PEER Student Leadership Council (SLC) sponsored the first annual PEER Student Day in conjunction with the PEER annual meeting. Although Student Day included brief overviews of the SLC, the PEER Student Association (PSA), and thrust area research, the main objective was to help foster communication and networking among PEER students. It was an excellent opportunity to ask some questions, get some answers, give some feedback, and discuss our research with other students. In an open forum, several students attested to the merits of the PEER undergraduate programs and presented ideas for improving the dissemination of information about these programs, such as providing a PEER poster board at each core institution. The role and function of the PSA was also discussed in great detail, specifically issues concerning possible connections between PEER and EERI. Existing student chapters could be called upon to disseminate PEER-related news and information. Students were treated to an informal afternoon picnic to get to know each other better. Overall, Student Day was a huge success.

The SLC annual retreat is planned for the end of the fall quarter. The exact date and location details will be forthcoming. The retreat will be an opportunity to dedicate some extended time to current PEER programs and issues. A major focus of this yearís retreat will be better development of the mentoring and outreach programs. Methods of communication between PEER, the SLC, and the PSA will also be discussed and refined. If you have any comments or suggestions about these or other issues, please contact a SLC representative.

A large vote of thanks goes to Annie Kammerer for her work as Chair of the SLC. She and the others who served as the first Student Leadership Council have established a precedence of excellence. We would also like to acknowledge Charley Hamilton for his past work as Outreach Chair, and for accepting the responsibility of the SLC Chair for the upcoming year.

For more information on PEER SLC and PSA activities please visit our website at or contact the PEER Student Association at