New PEER Reports

The following reports are now available. To order, please see the NISEE order form.

PEER 1999/07. Documentation of strengths and weaknesses of current computer analysis methods for seismic performance of reinforced concrete members. William F. Cofer. November 1999. $15.00

PEER 1999/06. Rocking response and overturning of anchored equipment under seismic excitations. Nicos Makris and Jian Zhang. November 1999. $15.00

PEER 1999/05. Seismic evaluation of 550 kV porcelain transformer bushings. Amir S. Gilani, Andrew S. Whittaker, Gregory L. Fenves, Eric Fujisaki. October 1999. $15.00

PEER 1999/04. Adoption and enforcement of earthquake risk-reduction measures. Peter J. May, Raymond J. Burby, T. Jens Feeley, and Robert Wood. $15.00