PEER Student Leadership Council

In a September meeting at the University of Washington, the PEER Student Leadership Council (SLC) proposed the establishment of the PEER Student Association (PSA). The proposal became effective in November. The PSA is open to any student in earthquake engineering or related fields. The primary goals of the PSA are to encourage interdisciplinary and cross-university understanding and communication and to provide a way for students to keep updated on PEER Center activities. The SLC, the governing and organizing body of the PSA, acts as the direct contact between the PSA and the PEER Center to bring student concerns and ideas to the center's leadership.

During the September meeting, the objectives and roles of the SLC were defined. Three programs were chosen for immediate implementation by the SLC:

  1. An outreach program to inform students about the goals, resources, and current research of the PEER Center and the PSA/SLC.
  2. A mentoring program to assist undergraduate and new graduate students in research and study. The primary goal of the mentoring program is to provide students with contacts in various disciplines at each university. The contacts will answer general questions and concerns of students or refer questions of a more technical nature.
  3. A one-day student-only event, to be held in conjunction with the annual NSF review, to provide an opportunity for interaction and learning between students.

Student Representatives:

Caltech   Ayhan Irfanoglu  
Stanford   Ayse Hortacs  
UCB   AnnieKammerer, Chair  
UCD   Christina Curras, Mentoring Coordinator  
UCI   Charley Hamilton,Outreach Coordinator  
UCLA   Sandrine Lermitte  
UCSD   Lelli Hose, Newsletter Coordinator  
USC   Asadollah Esmaeily  
UW   Zachary Price  

Communications Update:

• The student webpage, currently under construction, is accessible at

• The student discussion forum can be directly accessed at the preceding website and at Interested students need to set up an account. The password to get into the forum is pacific, where a variety of discussions are ongoing or can be initiated.

Please note: The PEER Center has limited information on the students involved with the center. An email address is currently being set up for the student leadership council. The email address for students involved in PEER research or programs is