Nonstructural Components Workshop

PEER organized a one-day workshop on the performance-based engineering of nonstructural building components, July 25, 2000, at the University of California, Irvine. The goal of the workshop was to prepare a research plan for the analytical and experimental study of nonstructural building components. The workshop was hosted by Professor Gerry Pardoen, PEER Assistant Director for Education.

More than 30 experts, including members of the PEER Business and Industry Partnership (BIP), industry representatives, and selected PEER faculty participated in the workshop. BIP members Robert Bachman (formerly of Fluor Daniel, Inc.), Stacy Bartoletti (Degenkolb Engineers), and Masoud Zadeh (K2 Technologies), and Bill Staehlin of the California Office of Statewide Health, Planning, and Development discussed the design and implementation of nonstructural components in buildings and petrochemical facilities, high-tech facilities, and hospitals, as well as an insurance-industry perspective on the performance of nonstructural components. PEER representatives Eduardo Miranda (Stanford) and Andrew Whittaker (Berkeley) discussed the construction and installation of nonstructural components in buildings and in power-transmission facilities.

Breakout sessions were held to identify and prioritize research needs and to discuss strategies for the implementation of the research findings. The two breakout sessions were moderated by Robert Bachman/Greg Deierlein (PEER Deputy Director for Research) and Masoud Zadeh/Andrew Whittaker. The breakout sessions were followed by a short plenary session to summarize the key findings of the breakout sessions and a tour of the structural engineering laboratory at the university. The tour featured a demonstration of the new earthquake simulator: a test that involved the seismic performance evaluation of a computer storage rack.

Following the workshop, PEER prepared a five-year research plan for the study of nonstructural components. Year 1 has two projects: (1) Seismic Loss Modeling and Performance Assessment of Nonstructural Building Components and Contents; and Guidelines, Specifications (Miranda — Stanford) and (2) Seismic Performance Characterization of Nonstructural Building Components and Equipment (Filiatrault — UC San Diego). PEER Business and Industry Partners and selected industry representatives are active in each project.

Andrew Whittaker
(formerly PEER Assoc. Director)