Michael Riemer Named as Program Manager for the PEER Lifelines Program

Michael Riemer, adjunct associate professor of civil engineering, has becomeProgram Manager for the PEER Lifelines Program. He has primary responsibility for administration and contracting for the program, and is also responsible for the technical coordination of the research projects by working with the Program’s sponsors, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California Energy Commission, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Professor Riemer teaches the graduate level “Advanced Soil Mechanics Laboratory” course in the Department of Civil Engineering, and assists students with independent experimental research in the geotechnical laboratories. His own research interests are centered on the experimental evaluation of soil properties both in the laboratory and in situ, particularly those properties controlling the response of soils during and after seismic loading. Currently, his primary research project involves the development, validation and deployment of a new tool (the downhole free-standing shear device) for measuring the dynamic stiffness and damping characteristics of cohesive soils in the field.

Professor Gregory Fenves will continue as PEER Assistant Director for Directed Study Programs on the policy and strategic planning for the Lifelines Program.