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PEER sends researchers to investigate damage from Feb 27, 2010 Chile Earthquake

Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) is sponsoring the travel of three researchers to investigate the damage from the magnitude 8.8 Chile Earthquake on February 27, 2010.

  • – Jack Moehle, UC Berkeley Professor, former PEER director and EERI Chile Reconnaissance team leader
  • – Mark Yashinsky, Senior Bridge Engineer at Caltrans
  • – Scott Ashford, Oregon State Professor and Department Head for the School of Civil and Construction Engineering

These researchers will be a part of the EERI Reconnaissance team and will also be working closely GEER. The goal of their efforts will be to investigate the earthquake effects to buildings, transportation structures, and the local geology, then to determine what lessons can be learned from this earthquake that can be applied both in Chile (and its surrounding neighbors) and in the US to make built infrastructure more resilient to future earthquakes.

For more information about the earthquake, see the USGS Bulletin.

posted March 15, 2010