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Research Opportunities at Tongji University China for Graduate Students applying to NSF East Asia And Pacific Summer Institutes

As a result of the recent call for applicants to the NSF Program: East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes for U.S. Graduate Students (EAPSI), PEER and Tongji University in Shanghai, China have collaborated to provide some opportunities for graduate students interested in applying to the NSF program.

The following list of professors from Tongji University are willing to host student researchers from the United States in their laboratories. US-based graduate students are encouraged to review this list of professors to determine which professorís laboratory is the best fit to the studentís research interests. Graduate students are encouraged to contact the professor directly to discuss the development of a research opportunity at Tongji University as it relates to the NSF solicitation. Please copy both Tongji University Professor Ying Zhou and PEER Outreach Director Heidi Faison on your initial interest email.

The 2011 EASPI application is now open and will close at 5:00 pm local time on November 10, 2010. Application instructions are available online at For further information concerning benefits, eligibility, and tips on applying, applicants are encouraged to visit or

Interested Professors at College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, China

Contacting Information Research Interests
Xilin LU
Cheng Kong Scholars Professor
Tel: +86-21-65983430
Xilin LU RC structures;
Seismic analysis and design of structures;
Structural vibration control;
Seismic resilient structures
Associate Professor
Tel: +86-21-65986157
Ying ZHOU Seismic performance of tall buildings;
Structural vibration control;
Methodology and technology for structural dynamic test
Jianzhong LI
Professor, Director of Bridge Seismic Group
Tel: +86-21-65980455
Jianzhong LI Design of bridge using isolation and dissipation devices;
Displacement-based seismic design of bridge structure;
Seismic conceptual design for bridge with high piers
Jie LI
Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering
Jie LI RC structures;
Earthquake resistant engineering;
Lifeline engineering;
Stochastic dynamic system
Guo-Qiang LI
Professor of Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-6598 2975
Fax:+86-21-6598 3431
Guo-Qiang LI Analysis and design of multi-story steel buildings;
Earthquake-resistance of steel structures;
Fire-resistance of steel structures
Yiyi CHEN Stability and seismic behavior of steel structure and steel-concrete composite structures, especially for thin-walled structures, tubular steel structures and structural connections
Deyuan ZHOU
Deyuan ZHOU RC structures;
Seismic Analysis and design of structures
Shiming CHEN
Tel: +86-21-65985215
Shiming CHEN Steel and concrete composite structures;
Seismic and structural engineering;
Fibre reinforced concrete/structures;
Structural testing and methodology study
Tel: +86-21-65980644
Qilin ZHANG Steel structure and cable structure;
Membrane structure;
Aluminum alloy structure;
Glass curtain system;
Structure stability and non-liner analysis;
Computer simulation
Minjuan HE
Ph.D, Professor of Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-65981582
Minjuan HE Steel structures;
Timber structures;
Earthquake resistance of steel tower;
Computer simulation of structures
Xianglin GU
Ph.D, Professor of Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-65982928
Xianglin GU Concrete Structures;
Masonry Structures;
Life-cycle Analysis of Structures;
Computer Simulation of Structures
Huanjun JIANG
Ph.D, Professor of Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-65986151
Huanjun JIANG RC structures;
Earthquake resistance of tall buildings;
Seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings
Haibei XIONG
Ph.D, Professor of Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-65987360
Haibei XIONG Timber structures;
Seismic analysis and design of structures;
Health monitoring of complex or tall buildings;
Seismic evaluation and retrofitting of existing buildings
Suwen CHEN
Associate Professor in Structural Engineering
Tel: +86-21-65982975-16
Suwen CHEN Analysis and design of multi-story and high-rise steel structures;
Seismic-induced damage to fire protection of steel structures;
Blast analysis of glass curtain wall

posted October 12, 2010