NGA Presentations – 2014 USSD Conference

Ground Motions and Seismic Stability of Embankment Dams
(6.3 MB PDF)
Faiz I. Makdisi, AMEC, E&I, Inc.

The Impact of Earthquake Ground Motion on Design and Evaluation of Concrete Dams
(2.8 MB PDF)
Yusof Ghanaat, QuestStructures

Considerations for Application in Dam Engineering Practice
(576 KB PDF)
Lelio Mejia, URS

Importance of Multiple Intensity Measures
(1.7 MB PDF)
Richard Armstrong, State of California Department of Water Resources, Division of Safety of Dams

Overview of NGA-West 2, NGA-East & NGA-Subduction
(4 MB PDF)
Yousef Bozorgnia, PEER

NGA-West 2: Regional Path Effects, Aftershock Effects, and Site Response
(7.3 MB PDF)
Jonathan P. Stewart, UCLA

NGAW1-NGSW2 Comparison and Other Considerations for Ground Motions for Dams
(3.1 MB PDF)
Norm Abrahamson, PG&E