The user manual provides detailed information on all aspects and features of the web application. The manual was expanded from a version originally developed for the Design Ground motion database (DGML).

User Manual (pdf 3.0MB )

The technical report describes the theory behind the web application including a detailed description of how it searches records from the database. The report discusses the evolution of scaling ground motion records, presents various procedures that have been historically used for scaling, and introduces the method that has been implemented in the current application. It also describes the development of the database records and how they were rotated in this version of the database.

Technical Report (pdf 0.7 MB)

Several short video tutorials have also been created to demonstrate how to use the web application for searching, selecting, and scaling ground motions in the database.

Additional Information

The Appendix B (Part 1 and Part2) lists the PEER-NGA Records included or excluded from the PEER Ground Motion Database.

Appendix B-1 Records included in PGMD (xls 1.1MB )

Appendix B-2 Records not included in PGMD (xls 0.1MB )