Project Title/ID Number 1-D Rock Motion Simulations—1L08
Start/End Dates 12/1/03 – 4/30/04
Project Leader Walter Silva (PE&A/I)
Team Members

F=faculty; GS=graduate student; US=undergraduate student; PD=post-doc; I=industrial collaborator; O=other

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1. Project Goals/Objectives:

Provide finite fault simulations of strong ground motions to guide in developing empirical attenuation relations.

2. Role of this project in supporting PEER’s mission (vision):

Project forms an integral part of the PEER NGA program.

3. Methodology Employed:

Stochastic finite fault using a code developed and validated by Pacific Engineering and Analysis.

4. Brief Description of past year’s accomplishments (Year 6) & more detail on expected Year 7 accomplishments:

Current year expected accomplishments are to complete the required suite of simulations: about 15 earthquakes and 150 sites for each earthquake.

5. Other Similar Work Being Conducted Within and Outside PEER and How This Project Differs:

Two other teams (University of Nevada, Reno and URS, both funded by SCEC) using different simulation methodologies are producing motions as well, to accommodate diversity.

6. Plans for Year 8 if project is expected to be continued:


7. Describe any actual instances where you are aware your results have been used in industry:

The final NGA attenuation relations, which products of this project directly support, will be extensively used by industry.

8. Expected Milestones & Deliverables:

Simulated motions are due by 6/30/04.

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