Thrust Area 4—Information Technologies
Gregory Fenves (UCB) & Ahmed Elgamal (UCSD)
Co-Thrust Leaders

Project Descriptions

PEER Analysis Platform for Demand Simulation—4102003
Gregory Fenves (UCB/F), Filip Filippou (UCB/F), Frank McKenna (UCB/O), Silvia Mazzoni (UCB/O), Michael Scott (UCB/GS), Jaesung Park (UCB/GS), Yoshi Takahashi (Kyoto Univ/O)

The objectives of this project are to design, develop, implement, and utilize OpenSees, a software framework for simulation of structurual and geotechnical systems.
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Computational Reliability for Design—4132003
Joel Conte (UCSD/F), Yuyi Zhang (UCSD/GS), Gabriel Acero (UCSD/GS), Quan Gu (UCSD/GS)

This project will contribute to the development, assessment and validation of the PEER PBEE methodology and related analytical tools through their application to a bridge structure with real-world complexities.
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Computational Reliability Tools for Design—4142003
Armen Der Kiureghian (UCB/F), Kazuya Fujimura (UCB/GS), Junho Song (UCB/GS)

Develop, implement, document and apply reliability and sensitivity methods in the OpenSees computational simulation framework.
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Advance Visualization for Seismic Performance—4182003
Mike Bailey (UCSD/F)

One of the obstacles that have held back widespread integrative visualization has been the Tower-of-Babel problem. That is, everyone communicates their results in a different way, forcing specific specialty programs to be written to perform visualization.
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Integration of Open Sees and NEES—4192003
Stephen Mahin (UCB/F), Andreas Schellenberg (UCB/GS)

OpenSees provides a rich set of highly capable modules that support the nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of complex structural systems.
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Advanced RC Models - PVM Interaction—4212003
Filip Filippou (UCB/F)

Develop improved models for the interaction of axial force, shear and bending moment in metallic members for eccentrically braced frames and energy dissipaters and reinforced concrete members such as columns and bridge piers under cyclic loading conditions.
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NEES Computational Simulation - High End Computing—4222003
Gregory Fenves (UCB/F), Filip C. Filippou (UCB/F)

The goal of this project is to port, test, and apply OpenSees (Open System for Earthquake Engineering Simulation) on parallel computing resources.
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Simulation and Performance Models for Cyclic Degradation Effects in RC Bridge Columns—4232003
Sashi Kunnath (UCD/F), Jon Mohle (UCD/GS)

The primary goal of this project is the development of improved material models that incorporate cyclic degrading behavior in reinforced concrete members.
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3D Simulation of Seismic Ground Deformation in OpenSees—2202003
Ahmed Elgamal (UCSD/F), Jinchi Lu (UCSD/GS), Zhaohui Yang (UCSD/PD) Linjun Yan (UCSD/GS)

The Y7 project is mainly focused on developing a number of computational simulation capabilities in OpenSees and applications on 2D/3D bridge-foundation-ground systems.
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3D Soil Simulation Models in OpenSees—2212003
Boris Jeremic (UCD/F), Qing Liu (UCD/GS), Matthias Preisig (UCD/GS), Zhao Cheng (UCD/GS), Ian Tucker (UCD/US)

Continuing development of the database of models. This work follows an early idea by Professor Elgamal where he envisioned development of standard set of models for clays, sands.
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