By Heinz Kuo

This set of Tcl routines can be used to convert the parameterized (parameterized implies that input files are generated with Tcl variable placeholders and other control statements) OpenSees input files to numeric input files. Numeric input files are useful for use with graphical post-processors for OpenSees under separate development. They can also be used directly with the visualization tool developed for this project named Showbridge. Files were compatible with OpenSees version 1.3 and Tcl/Tk version 8.3 at the time of use.

Description Date posted Files
Parsely Tcl files Oct 25, 2002 ZIP (14K)

These files are provided as is and may be incomplete or inoperable on any given system. They are available in the public domain and are for research purposes only. Files are presented for informational purposes only, the authors are not liable for any subsequent usage or modification.