PEER Research Reports - 2017

All digests are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader.

PEER 2017/10 - Development of Time Histories for IEEE693 Testing and Analysis (Including Seismically Isolated Equipment)
Shakhzod M. Takhirov, Eric Fujisaki, Leon Kempner, Michael Riley, Brian Low
- Report (18 MB)
PEER 2017/09 - “R” Package for Computation of Earthquake Ground-Motion Response Spectra
Pengfei Wang, Jonathan P. Stewart, Yousef Bozorgnia, David M. Boore, Tadahiro Kishida
- Report (6.3 MB)
- RCTC (zip)(301KB)
PEER 2017/08 - Influence of Kinematic SSI on Foundation Input Motions for Bridges on Deep Foundations
Benjamin J. Turner, Scott J. Brandenberg, Johnathan P. Stewart
- Report (33.17 MB)
PEER 2017/07 - A Nonlinear Kinetic Model for Multi-Stage Friction Pendulum Systems
Paul L. Drazin, Sanjay Govindjee
- Report (2.4 MB)
PEER 2017/06 - Guidelines for Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings, Version 2.03
TBI Working Group led by co-chairs Ron Hamburger and Jack Moehle: Jack Baker, Jonathan Bray, C.B. Crouse, Greg Deierlein, John Hooper, Marshall Lew, Joe Maffei, Stephen Mahin, James Malley, Farzad Naeim, Jonathan Stewart, John Wallace
- Report (2.9 MB)
- Report (with hyperlinks) (3 MB)
PEER 2017/05 - Recommendations for Ergodic Nonlinear Site Amplification in Central and Eastern North America.
Youssef M.A. Hashash, Joseph A. Harmon, Okan Ilhan, Grace A. Parker, and Jonathan P. Stewart
- Report (1.2 MB)
PEER 2017/04 - Expert Panel Recommendations for Ergodic Site Amplification in Central and Eastern North America
Jonathan P. Stewart, Grace A Parker, Joseph P. Harmon, Gail M. Atkinson, David M. Boore, Robert B. Darragh, Walter J. Silva, and Youssef M.A. Hashash
- Report (4.5 MB)
- Electronic Supplement (14 KB)
PEER 2017/03 - NGA-East Ground-Motion Models for the U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Maps
Christine A. Goulet, Yousef Bozorgnia, Nicolas Kuehn, Linda Al Atik, Robert R. Youngs, Robert W. Graves, and Gail M. Atkinson - Report (21.2 MB)
Electronic Appendices A (2.4 MB)
Electronic Appendices B (50 KB)
PEER 2017/02 - U.S.—New Zealand— Japan International Workshop, Liquefaction-Induced Ground Movement Effects, University of California, Berkeley, California, 2-4 November 2016
Jonathan D. Bray, Ross W. Boulanger, Misko Cubrinovski, Kohji Tokimatsu, Steven L. Kramer, Thomas O’Rourke, Ellen Rathje, Russell A. Green, Peter K. Robertson, Christine Z. Beyzaei
- Report (11.6 MB)
PEER 2017/01 - PEER Annual Report 2016
This report was prepared by PEER staff, led by Khalid Mosalam, Amarnath Kasalanati and Grace Kang. It contains a summary of research, educational and outreach activities at the PEER Center since January 2016.
- Report (13.1 MB)