Geotechnical Report from June 23, 2001 Peruvian Earthquake

Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Reconnaissance of the June 23, 2001, Southern Peru Earthquake - A Preliminary Report

Adrian Rodriguez-Marek, Pedro Repetto, Joseph Wartman, Dale Baures, Efraín Rondinel, Jennifer Williams, and Jorge Zegarra-Pellanne

A report sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Washington State University, Drexel University, Catholic University of Peru and URS Corporation

Report hosted by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER)

For questions regarding this report, please contact Prof. Adrian Rodriguez-Marek

  1. Introduction
    1. Site Reconnaissance
    2. Acknowledgements
  2. Seismological Aspects and Damage Distribution
    1. Seismological Aspects
    2. Recorded Ground Motion
    3. Estimated Ground Motion
    4. Overall Damage Distribution
  3. Reconnaissance Flight
  4. Ground Failure
    1. Fill Performance
    2. Liquefaction
    3. Landslides
    4. Rockfall
  5. Geotechnical Aspects of Mine Facility Performance
    1. Quebrada Honda Tailings Dam
    2. Cuajone Torata Dam
    3. Cuajone Heap Leach Pads
    4. Cerro Verde Heap Leach Pad #4
  6. Site Effects
    1. General
    2. Site Amplifications
    3. Topographic Effect