PEER Research Digests - 2002

All digests are in PDF format and can be read using Adobe Reader.

PEER 2002/01: Seismic Demand Analysis:
H. Krawinkler | Digest 896 KB
PEER 2002/02: Motion-Damage Relationships for Loss Estimation
E. Miranda, H. Aslani, S. Taghavi | Digest 316 KB
PEER 2002/04: Geotechnical Seismic Simulation Using OpenSees
A. Elgamal, Z. Yang | Digest 384 KB
PEER 2002/05: Thinking Ahead: Issues for Adoption of PBEE
P. May | Digest 176 KB
PEER 2002/06: Lessons from the Nisqually Earthquake for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
S. Chang, A. Falit-Baiamonte | Digest 136 KB
PEER 2002/07: Factored Nonlinear Displacement Demand Estimation Methods for Probability-based Safety Assessment
A. Cornell, F. Jalayer | Digest 584 KB
PEER 2002/08: Cyclic Shear and Axial Strength of Lightly-Confined Concrete Columns
J. Moehle, H. Sezen, K. Elwood | Digest 400 KB
PEER 2002/09: Shear in Reinforced Concrete Beam–Column Joints Without Transverse Reinforcement
J. Stanton, D. Lehman, S. Walker, C. Yeargin | Digest 364 KB
PEER 2002/10: Hysteretic Capacity Modeling of Slab-Column Connections
I. Robertson, B. Enomoto, G. Johnson | Digest 260 KB
PEER 2002/11: Deformation Demands at the Onset of Bar Buckling in Reinforced Concrete Columns
M. Eberhard , M. Parrish, M. Berry | Digest 172 KB
2002/13: Ground Motions: Rapid Response
D. Dreger, A. Kaverina, P. Lombard, L. Gee, D. Neuhauser | Digest 292 KB
PEER 2002-14: Amplification Factors for Spectral Acceleration in Active Regions
J. Stewart , Y. Choi , A. Liu | Digest 312 KB
PEER 2002/16: Performance of Improved Ground
E. Hausler, N. Sitar | Digest 3.9 MB
PEER 2002/17: Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (Shallow Foundations)
G. Martin, B. Kutter, S. Gajan, T. Hutchinson, C. Harden | Digest 260 KB
PEER 2002/18: UC Berkeley/PEER Drilled Pier Load Test Program
G. Kasali, C. Comartin | Digest 180 KB