PEER Research Digests - 2005

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PEER 2005/01: An Application of PEER Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology (August 2005)
J. Moehle, B. Stojadinovic, A. Der Kiureghian, T. Yang | Digest 59.3 KB
PEER 2005/02: Input Motion for Earthquake Simulator Qualification of Electrical Substation Equipment (August 2005)
S. M. Takhirov, G. L. Fenves, E. Fujisaki, D. Clyde | Digest 225 KB
PEER 2005/03: Effect of Dynamic Interaction in Interconnected Electrical Substation Equipment (August 2005)
J. Song, A. Der Kiureghian, J. L. Sackman | Digest 115 KB