Geotechnical Site Investigation at Selected Lateral Spread Sites

Project Description and Objectives
Ground failure and ground deformations were significant features of the August 17, 1999 Kocaeli, Turkey earthquake (Mw = 7.4) and occurred throughout much of the heavily shaken zone. Numerous coastal failures and lateral spreads occurred around the northern, eastern, and southern edges of the Bay of Izmit. These ranged from minor lateral spreads that occurred benignly in open areas or did minor damage to seawalls, to major slope failures that carried people and structures into the bay. Other cases of lateral spreading were identified along the margins of Sapanca Lake, Sakarya River, as well as in the densely populated City of Adapzari. 
The primary goal of this study is to develop well-documented case histories of liquefaction-induced lateral deformations, so that the profession can use these case histories to advance our understanding of these phenomena and enhance our ability to numerically simulate the associated physical processes.

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