PEER Workshops Policy

One of PEER's primary objectives is to disseminate information to end users and stakeholders. To facilitate this outreach activity, PEER has a Director of Communications:

Grace Kang, SE
510-642-3462 (office)
510-642-1655 (fax)

It is important that PEER be aware of all major outreach activities undertaken under the name of PEER. In part, we learn of publications and activities through the quarterly reports and other information provided in support of preparation of PEER annual reports.

Where major outreach activities such as workshops are held, it is PEER policy that these be coordinated through the Director of Communications using funds managed by PEER headquarters. Unless prior written exception is granted, PEER funds for individual investigator projects are not to be used for this purpose. Furthermore, unfunded workshops under the PEER name are not to be conducted without prior written permission from PEER headquarters.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the PEER Research Committee is aware of and has opportunity to interact with major workshops developed under the PEER name. In the past, some major meetings have been carried out without knowledge of PEER, and it is the intent of this policy to prevent future such occurrences. It is not our intent to prevent small meetings with industry users and others who can benefit from interactions with researchers and who can provide insight to research needs. These are encouraged and expected as part of your individual project activity, but should be reported when they involve more than a small group.