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Subject: FW: PEER Fatality Project Kick-Off Meeting January 27
Parshaw: an item for your calendar.

-- Keith

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To: Keith Porter; Helmut Krawinkler; Eduardo Miranda; Allin Cornell
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Subject: PEER Fatality Project Kick-Off Meeting January 27

As you all know, our kick-off meeting is next monday, January 27, from ~10 am to ~2 pm at the offices of the UCLA Center for Public Health & Disasters.
The UCLA CPHD office is OFF CAMPUS in Westwood:   1145 Gayley Avenue, Suite 304.  Phone: 310/794-0864
The building is at the corner of Gayley and Kinross, with the underground parking entrance located on Kinross.
(For a landmark, Circuit City is on the ground floor of the building.)

Basic Directions from LAX (MapQuest directions):
Take the 405 North and exit at Wilshire Blvd. toward Westwood/UCLA
Turn Left on Gayley,
Turn Left on Kinross,
The entrance to the underground parking garage will be on the left.

Our proposed agenda is as follows:

I.   Introductions

II.  Objectives of testbeds program, of the role of Van Nuys testbed, & of casualties in PEER's research.  Porter, 10 min.

III. Overview of Van Nuys model.  Scope of years 5 & 6 work by Lowes & Miranda.  Results to date and expected by Sept 2003.  Miranda, 15 min.

IV.  Overview of casualty-modeling research
A. PEER theoretical work to date.  Cornell, 15 min.
B. Review of non-PEER work to date.  History, current limitations, recent efforts.  Shoaf & Seligson, 15 min.

V.   Discussion of UCLA/ABS Scope.  ~2 hr (until ~1:30) including lunch.
A.  Damage measures: "total building collapse", "partial collapse" (e.g., frame collapse on some floors but not others), "infill wall failure" (not applicable to Van Nuys test bed, but may be of interest)
B. Fatality-model co-variates: demographics, location variables, etc.  
C. Form of fatality relationship, including uncertainty
D. Limitations of application

VI.  Plans for interaction with other PEER researchers (milestones, deliverables).  15 min.

VII. Future directions of casualty models for PEER.  15 min.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me or Kim know.
See you all next monday.