The PEER testbed effort is directed by a research executive committee (REC) comprising the PEER Director (Moehle) and Associate Director (Deierlein), and one or two managers for each testbed.  Individual academic research projects focus either on a single testbed or a crosscutting research topic.   Business and Industry Partner (BIP) colleagues are performing parallel studies of the testbed buildings for comparison of PEER's methodology with the state of the practice. 

Testbed-Specific Research

Topic Van Nuys UC Science Humboldt I-880 Highway
Manager Krawinkler Comerio Elgamal Fenves, Mahin Deierlein
Coordinator Porter Porter Porter Porter Kiremidjian
BIP Heintz, Pekelnicky Holmes, Comartin Nascimento, Hipley, Roblee, Islam, Perez-Cobo, Yashinsky Imbsen, Alameddine, Joe, Mahan, Islam, Harrington, Yashinsky Roblee
Hazard analysis Somerville Somerville Somerville Somerville  
Geotech analysis Martin, Kutter, Sitar   Elgamal,
Jeremic, Pestana Stewart
Structural analysis Lowes, Miranda Mosalam, Filippou Conte, Elgamal Kunnath, Eberhard Stojadinovic
Damage analysis Miranda, Lowes Hutchinson, Makris Conte, Elgamal Kunnath  
Miranda, Lowes, Shoaf & Seligson Beck     Kiremidjian,
Impact assessment Meszaros, Ince Comerio     Moore, Gordon
Methodology Cornell, Kramer Beck Bray, Conte Stojadinovic,
Der Kiureghian

Crosscutting Research

Topic Contact
Intensity measures Bray, Cornell, Somerville, Kramer
OpenSees Fenves
Data, visualization Law, Bailey
Bridge methodology Elgamal
Building methodology  
Uncertainty Krawinkler
Impacts Comerio, May