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bulletSummary description
bulletList of available data files (including street-level photos)

Summary Description

Looking SW from downtown Oakland

The structure is the 5th and 6th St Viaduct, CL Line and EU Ramp, Caltrans Bridge No. 33-0616L.   The viaduct is located in Oakland, CA, and runs from near the intersection of Center and 3rd Sts (37.8028N x 122.2969W) to Market and 5th Sts (37.8013N x 122.2833W).  It is a prestressed concrete, multi-span box-girder structure, 1138m long, 21.8m wide, built in 1998.  It is section A among 7 design packages that replaced the section of I-880 damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. 

Available Data Files

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Soil, hazard, and sensors Design Photos, PEER reports, etc.
SOMERVILLE CALTRANS Draft report outline
Somerville report on I-880 ground motions  1991Response Spectra Draft bridge DVs
Ground motion README 1992a Soil Parameters Street-level photos
Somerville paper on near-fault ground motions 1992b Soil Spring Info Street map
2%/50 yr motions 1992c Corrosion Protec. Kunnath notes of I-880 status on 7 Nov 2002
2%/50 yr plots 1993a Foundation Recs  
10%/50 yr motions 1993b Foundation Rvw  
10%/50 yr plots 1993c Foundation Rvw  
50%/50 yr motions 1993d Foundation Rvw  
50%/50 yr plots 1993e Foundation Rvw  
  1993f Foundation Rvw  
CALTRANS HAZARD Seismic Design Criteria (SDC) Abstract  
Seismic hazard map SDC  
Seismic hazard report SDC Memo to Designers 20-1  
  SDC Memo to Designers 20-1 Attachment 1  
  Diagram showing testbed location within larger replacement project for I-880