This page presents agendas and minutes for PEER testbed meetings.  It is intended to host discussion groups regarding testbed research.

Jan 2003 Fatality Kickoff Meeting Agenda.  Shoaf and Seligson (2003) History of Engineering-Based Earthquake Casualty Modeling.  Porter (2003) Fatality Modeling and the PEER Testbeds.  Porter meeting notes.

Nov 2002 Progress Meeting.  (Agenda)  Meetings were held from on 7-8 Nov at the Holiday Inn Oakland Airport.  Researchers involved in bridge testbeds met on the 7th; buildings on the 8th.  Graduate students were given a special session to learn about reliability assessment tools in OpenSees (abstract).  This was a working meeting that emphasized logistics of analysis and documentation over methodology.  New report outlines were discussed for the bridge testbeds.   Crosscutting sessions addressed EDPs, uncertainty, and IM evaluation.  Materials for crosscutting topics can be found on the crosscutting page.  Krawinkler notes on Van Nuys testbed.  Porter  notes on Research Status UC Science Building.  Kramer notes on bridge uncertainty session.  Porter notes on building uncertainty session.   

Aug 2002 Bridge Methodology Meeting.  Researchers involved in the I-880 and Humboldt Bay Bridge testbeds discussed structural- and damage-analysis methodology from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Fri 30 Aug 2002 at UC Berkeley, 721 Davis Hall.  Topics addressed included OpenSees modeling issues, system modeling, EDPs, and correlating damage to response (DM|EDP).  Detailed agenda here

May 2002 Progress Meeting.  Testbed researchers met 9:00 AM-5:00 PM on 22-23 May 2002 at the Richmond Field Station.    The 22 May sessions addressed the bridge testbeds.  Building testbed researchers attended on 23 May.  See the program for details.  The following presentations are available here.

Bray IM Plan (see also files on "Crosscutting" page)

Comerio UC Science Building conditions

Heintz FEMA 356 Analysis of Van Nuys Testbed

Hutchinson Floor and Bench-Mounted Equipment

Ince and Meszaros Building DVs

Lowes Van Nuys Model

May Building DVs

Miranda Fragilities, Propagation of Uncertainty, Loss Methodology

Mosalam Analysis of UC Science Building by OpenSEES

Porter Bridge DVs, Repair-Cost Uncertainties, UC Science Building Fault Trees

Stewart Geotechnical Uncertainties

Yashinsky Bridge DVs