Selected Videos for Instructional Purposes

These videos are made available for educational purposes only. Credit should be given to PEER, EERC and NEES@Berkeley unless shown otherwise in the video.

 * Test at UC Berkeley labs

Engineering Principles

Brittle Failure
BrittleFailure3.wmv (1.57 MB) * *
PF4_Run066_stamped.avi (69.60 MB) *
Ductile Failure
NEES03_Run45.wmv (5.91 MB) *
Amplitude and Frequency
amplitudeFrequency2.avi (7.96 MB)

Demonstration of the Purpose of Lateral Force Resisting System

No Lateral Force Resisting Elements
No Bracing with Weights Video.wmv (2.58 MB)
Lateral Force Resisting Elements Fully Braced
Diagonal Bracing Video.wmv (2.16 MB)
Lateral Force Resisting Elements Partially Braced
First Floor Bracing Video-Slow.wmv (2.49 MB)
Third Floor Bracing Video.wmv (2.59 MB)

Research Testing

Wood Framed House
06-NBC_Level_6_Stamped.avi (213.86 MB) * *
Base Isolation
09-Tape5_edit_michigan.wmv (2.79 MB)
10-=Tape2_edit_michigan_0001closeUp.wmv (2.71 MB)
DRB1_00_3rdHoriz_150_stamped.avi (218.53 MB) *
NEES_EEI1_MahinAndreas.wmv (2.75 MB) *
Column Compression
MoehleRood_4MlbUTM_stamped.avi (159.92 MB) *
Re-centering Bridge Column
MahinHyungil_082006_stamped.avi (125.49 MB) * *
Buckling Restrained Brace Frame
UCSD 1F Close-Up.mpg (9.18 MB)
UCSD 3G Global.mpg (25.16 MB)
Concrete Nonductile Moment Frame
Add from current website (3.57 MB)
Electric Utility Switch
Closed Configuration - Yousef

Building Contents Testing

Acoustic tile
AcousticCeilingTest052107_1p75gGlobal_stamped.avi (107.70 MB) *

Student Programs

Lego Testing
Coming soon
Undergraduate Design Competition
FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf (72.65 MB)