PEER Undergraduate Seismic Competition | 12 May 2004 | Results

Congratulations to UC Irvine, winners of our first annual seismic competition.

UCI(Team 1)

Updated May 25, 2004. See Scoring Summary below.

Congratulations and thanks also to each of the competing teams; the SLC and the judges were very impressed by the hard work and effort that so obviously went into all of the entries.
UCI(2) - 2nd PlaceUCSD - 2nd PlaceUC - Davis 4th PlaceOSU - 5th Place

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Scoring Summmary:

***** Updated May 25, 2004 *****

Due to some confusion on the day of the tests, the scores were tallied incorrectly. The scoring breakdown had been altered prior to the competition to allow for the results of the presentations, shifting the weight of Performance from 65% to 60% of the total scores. Upon recalculation, the final scores are as presented below, with the winning team UC Irvine, Team 1. As we have a tie for second place, UCSD and the UC Irvine (team 2) will both receive a second place prize. We will also be presenting UCI (team 2) with a second-place plaque.

As described in the competition rules, teams were judged in six categories:
Team NameEconomicsArchitecturePerformance EvaluationWorkmanshipConstruction CostPresentationOverall
Rent Income ($)RankScoreRankScorePerf. Coeff. (1/s2)RankScoreRankScoreWeight (kg)RankScoreRankScoreScoreRank
UCI Team 110653211056119258152.7543815921
UCI Team 2104732293898160333.8885651872
UC Davis912524729458454512.382933834

Test Results:

Performance during the shake test was one of the key criteria used to judge the teams. The structures were subjected to three sets of scaled ground motions: El Centro, Northridge, and Kobe. Teams were given the task of minimizing the ratio of peak roof acceleration to peak relative displacement.

This ratio, with units of 1/s2, was automatically generated during each test, and the following html pages were displayed following each ground motion. Buildings were visually inspected for damage after each event, and the value from the strongest record (Kobe) was used for the final evaluation.

UCI(2) El CentroNorthridgeKobe
UCSD El CentroNorthridgeKobe
UCI(1) El CentroNorthridgeKobe
UCD El CentroNorthridgeKobe
OSU El CentroNorthridgeKobe

A collection of images from the competition: