PEER Annual Meeting 2020 Speaker Bio: Assistant Professor, UCB. Prof. Athanasopoulos-Zekkos' research focus and expertise is on assessing and mitigating the impact of multi-hazard stressors on geotechnical engineering infrastructure, with particular emphasis on challenges due to age-related deterioration, population growth and densification, natural and human-made hazards, and new demands from climate change. I particularly investigate (1) the response of flood protection systems such as levees that are old and rapidly deteriorating as well as threatened by increasing demands due to increasing water levels, (2) the performance of critical systems such as ports during earthquakes, (3) the effects of man-induced vibrations from pile driving in dense urban environments and near critical infrastructure such as bridges and retaining walls, and (4) the use of new materials, advanced sensing and next-generation laboratory and field testing to inform us on efficient and sustainable mitigation of aging systems. I use a combination of computational models that are always tied to physical experimental testing in the laboratory or the field, and/or field measurements or monitoring data. My work has involved the development of customized and new experimental setups that allow me to gain insights into the  processes involved, the use of advanced computational techniques (finite elements, finite differences and discrete elements), and the incorporation of new materials or monitoring technologies as part of considered mitigation schemes.

Updated January, 2020