Welch, David

PEER Annual Meeting 2020 Speaker Bio: Post-Doctoral Researcher, Stanford University. David Welch is working as part of the multi-university PEER-CEA Woodframe project which aims to quantify the seismic performance of retrofit of cripple walls and sill anchorage in single family dwellings. He also served as an analyst for the Applied Technology Council to develop the recently released FEMA P-1100 prestandard for the assessment and retrofit of single- and multi-family dwellings. He completed his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University at Buffalo (B.S., 2010). He also holds a master’s (M.Sc., 2012) and doctorate (Ph.D., 2016) in Earthquake Engineering from the UME Graduate School in Pavia, Italy. https://profiles.stanford.edu/david-welch

Updated January 2020