BridgePBEE Learning Session at the PEER Annual Meeting

During the PEER Annual Meeting there will be a unique opportunity for researchers and practitioners to participate in a special training session on the recently released BridgePBEE. It will include both an instructional “how-to” session about BridgePBEE as well as a hands-on activity. This session will be taught by the developers of BridgePBEE: Prof Kevin Mackie, Prof Ahmed Elgamal, and Assistant Project Scientist Jinchi Lu.

View the BridgePBEE PEER Annual Meeting activity description for more detailed information. (pdf file, 220 KB)

BridgePBEE is a PC-based graphical pre- and post-processor (user-interface) for conducting performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE) studies for bridge-ground systems. The user interface allows for: 1.) management of ground motions, 2.) simplified structure and soil mesh generation, 3.) simplified assignment of material properties for both the soil and structure, 4.) time history and PBEE analyses, and 5.) visualization of output data. The current version of the interface is limited to ordinary bridge overpasses with two spans and a single-column bent. In addition to full PBEE analysis, the interface can also visualize pushover analysis, modal analysis, and single 3D base input acceleration analysis.

This hands-on training and activity session will take place on Saturday, October 27th at 9 am. All participants will need to bring a computer from which to work during the activity portion of the event. Advanced registration is not required, however, participants are strongly encouraged to review the activity description in advance so that they can make the most of this opportunity by doing several items before they arrive.

All are welcome to attend this one-of-a-kind training session!

Check out the PEER Annual Meeting website for more information.