First International Resilience workshop (IRW2016) – Torino, Italy

The goal of the First International Resilience workshop (IRW2016) in Torino is to bring together researchers from around the world working in the field of seismic engineering to discuss and compare proposed disaster resilience models and frameworks.

The conference scientific committee includes several PEER individuals: Khalid Mosalam (PEER Director), Steve Mahin (former PEER Director), Mary Comerio (former PEER Institutional Board member), Greg Deierlein, John Wallace (PEER Institutional Board member).

The workshop will comprise presentation and discussion sessions about disaster resilience to examine the state of knowledge in light of the lessons learned from recent major earthquakes. We will solicit views from America, Asia and Europe on the new directions for Resilience-Based Design (RBD).

Written contributions from the workshop, together with the conclusions and resolutions, will be published in a special issue in the ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering. We hope this special issue will become an important reference publication in the field of RBD.  For further information and details please contact prof. G.P. Cimellaro ( or visit