Full GEER Report on the August 24, 2016 Central Italy Earthquake

The full GEER report on the August 24 2016 M6.2 Central Italy earthquake sequence is complete and now available. The GEER Team includes Jonathan P. Stewart (UC Los Angeles) and Giuseppe Lanzo (Sapienza University of Rome) with collaborators from the Italian Geotechnical Society; Italian Center for Seismic Microzonation and its Applications; Consortium ReLUIS, Centre of Competence of Department of Civil Protection; DIsaster RECovery Team of Politecnico di Torino.

This Version 2 report has chapters on tectonic setting and faulting, ground motions, landslides, response of buildings and damage patterns, response of bridges, response of other infrastructure systems (retaining walls, dams, road embankments), and some concluding remarks on how the data from this event will be useful in future research.

Additional information about the Central (Norcia) Italy Earthquake can be found on the PEER Earthquake Briefings webpage.