Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake: PEER Strong Motion Records, Server Room Video

ServerRoomNSTrace small

PEER has processed strong motion records for the main shock of the Gorkha (Nepal) Earthquake which occurred on April 25, 2015.  The source records are from the KATNP (USGS) station and have been processed using PEER’s standard data processing method (Ancheta et al. 2013).

View the Acceleration, Velocity & Displacement Time Series, PSa & Fourier Amplitude Spectra.

View the comparison of time history series with and without static displacement filters.

Pair the data above with this video of a Server Room (courtesy of Exponent/Failure Analysis Associates) recorded during the main shock of the April 25, 2015 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake.

The video was recorded on the fifth floor of a 7-story tall reinforced concrete moment frame building located in Kathmandu, Nepal, at a site about 2000 feet from the KATNP (USGS) strong motion recording station, and appears to reflect the one-sided displacement pulse effect.  Typical column spacing was approximately 16 feet on-center with masonry infill walls around the perimeter.  The building reportedly suffered no structural damage – observed damage included very minor cosmetic damage to infilled walls, and damage to localized suspended ceilings on the top floor.