Johnson, Bruce

Senior Project Manager, Otak. Bruce Johnson is a Senior Project Manager and Structural Engineer at Otak. He was the State Bridge Engineer in Oregon from September 2004 to May 2019. He supervised 75 people in bridge design, standards, operations, inspection, major bridge maintenance, load rating, bridge management, and preservation. Prior to that, he was the Division Bridge Engineer, for Federal Highway Administration in Oregon from October 1988 to September 2004. He worked in various positions with FHWA in Oregon, Nevada, Kansas, Colorado, Indiana, and Iowa from 1975-1988.

Bruce was chair of AASHTO COBS Technical Committee T-9 on Bridge Preservation, vice-chair of Technical Committee T-20 on Tunnels, and a member of T-10, Concrete, a member of T-3 Seismic and a member of the AASHTO Special Committee for Joint Development that oversees AASHTOWare products until his retirement in 2019.